New Report Shows Increase in Child Poverty East of the River as Other Areas Improve

Washington, DC – Sekou Biddle, candidate for DC Council At-Large, called on the DC Council to focus on the city’s most vulnerable residents in response to today’s report from DC Action for Children showing an increase in child poverty in wards seven and eight.

For more information on Sekou Biddle and his campaign for councilmember at-large visit The complete ward data from DC Action for Children is available at

Statement from Sekou Biddle on DC Action for Children Report:

“Today’s report from DC Action for Children makes it clear that we have not done enough to ensure that all residents, regardless of ward, income or political connections, are benefitting from the continued economic growth in our city. The fact that even more children are now living in poverty in Wards 7 and 8 shows that our elected leaders have lost sight of their duty to protect our most vulnerable residents, the children of the District of Columbia. These numbers are unacceptable for our nation’s capital and we must all recommit ourselves to tackling the root causes of child poverty such as poor education, unemployment, and the high cost of housing in the District.

While my opponent has been voting against small businesses and holding hearings on boxing matches, I have been hearing from residents from across the District about the lack of faith they have in our elected leaders. DC Action for Children’s report makes it clear that this crisis of faith is not misplaced. It is time for our Council to get back to work and focus on improving the lives of all of our residents, not just campaign donors and political friends.”