In just over 24 hours we will be filing our next campaign finance report. Will your name be on it?

Unlike our opponent, our campaign finance reports don’t read like a who’s who of politically connected business interests and government contractors. Our finance reports are filled with the names of regular District residents, because that is who is supporting my campaign. Average folks who want to make sure their concerns and interests will be the top priority for the Council.

Last time we filed a campaign finance report, we had more low-dollar donations, more individuals and more regular dc residents than anyone else in the At-Large race. Can you help us make that happen again by donating today?

Whether it is $10, $25 or $100 or even $1000, every donation make will make a big difference going into the last three weeks of the campaign. Our strength comes from not just the amount people give, but the number of people who give. Will you donate today to make our campaign to clean up the DC Council and fix their priorities stronger than ever as we go into the home stretch of the campaign?

Sekou Biddle