Will you join me in supporting Sekou Biddle’s campaign to become the next Councilmember At-Large?

I am sure that like me, many of you are dismayed by the state of the DC Council and it’s ongoing leadership crisis. It is clear to me that we need new representation on the Council if we are going to make progress on pressing issues such as ethics reform, youth engagement and job creation. I believe that Sekou Biddle is the right person to bring accountability back to the Council.

In order to create a responsive and transparent government, we need to start by electing better representatives. We can do better than the councilmembers we have now that are more concerned with serving themselves than they are with the needs of District residents.

I, like Sekou, believe that education reform in our poorest communities is the civil rights issue of our time. Sekou’s dedication to this issue is clear. He has spent his entire career working to guarantee that all children receive the high quality education they are owed. I know that Sekou shares my passion for reaching out to the neediest families and creating a transparent and open government that works for every resident of the District of Columbia regardless of income or ward.

Sekou’s campaign is focused on District residents. He is up against an entrenched incumbent who continues to rely on corporate contributions and special interests to fund his campaign. Will you join me in showing your support for Sekou and a citizen focused council by donating to his campaign today?

I also encourage you to join Sekou and me tomorrow evening at Policy Restaurant and Lounge for a Supporter Social. You will have the opportunity to meet Sekou, donate, sign up to volunteer and talk with other Sekou Biddle supporters about why they believe that he is the right person for At-Large Council.

I hope to see you tomorrow and out on the campaign trail for Sekou. Together, we can build the Council we deserve.


Bryan Weaver