Dear Friends,

The FBI and the IRS have raided the home and offices of Vincent Orange’s largest contributor. Jeffrey Thompson, who holds the District’s single largest contract, has given Orange almost $100,000 over the past few campaigns. Last year alone, Thompson gave Orange over $40,000 in bundled contributions.

Last month, when Orange was the deciding vote that defeated the bill to lower gas prices and end a gas station monopoly, we saw what $9,000 in contributions to Vincent Orange from gas station monopoly owner Joe Mamo will get, what do you think Jeff Thompson has been getting from Orange for his $100,000?

It’s time to end this culture of corruption and pay to play on the DC council. We need ethical leaders who serve the residents of the District and not their own financial interests.

I am committed to being that leader.

Unlike Vincent Orange I do not rely on corporate and special interest money to fund my campaign. My campaign is funded by regular DC residents who are fed up and know we can do better than the corrupt council we have. Can you be one of those regular DC residents and help even the playing filed by donating today?

It is time for us to restore the public’s trust by banning corporate campaign contributions, passing real ethics reform, and focusing on the issues that affect residents every day such as education, public safety, jobs and affordable housing.

We can end this system of pay to play if regular people like you contribute, volunteer and tell everyone you know to vote and support me on April 3.

Will you stand with me to demand an ethical council that represents us?


Together, we can do better,

Sekou Biddle