I am looking at our campaign filing that we submitted last night and there are some really great signs in it for the last three weeks of the campaign.

Yet again, more of our donors come from inside the District than any of our opponents. It’s clear that our campaign is about DC residents taking their government back from the pay to play culture dominated by outside corporate interests.

Additionally, our campaign is being funded by individuals, not corporations. While corporate money and personal loans are funding my opponents’ efforts, District residents and corporations know that I am committed to implementing real ethicsreform and their bundled contributions will not sway my opinion on this or any other issue.

This information is very encouraging as we head into the home stretch. Your support so far has been critical to this campaign; and for every one of you that donated there are many, many more DC residents who are supporting our campaign with a yard sign, by volunteering and of course by voting.

During these last weeks I will need all of your help to reach out to even more voters. As the Washington Post pointed out this morning many District voters are still unaware of our new primary date on April 3. One of the best ways to get voters to start paying attention is through their social networks. Can you commit to spreading the word about the campaign through facebooktwitteryard signs and emails?

I look forward to working with you over the next three weeks as we work to take our Council back on April 3.

Sekou Biddle