I am emailing the below letter out to all of my friends and contacts in the District to let them know why I’m supporting Sekou Biddle in the April 3 Democratic Primary for Council At-Large. I am sending this email out today because I want to reach everyone I know before early voting starts in five days, on Monday, March 19. Can you send an email about why you are supporting Sekou out to your friends before early voting starts as well?

You can write your own letter to your friends or use the same one I am sending out by copying and pasting it into your email browser. It is clear that we can win this campaign, but we need to make sure that everyone knows about Sekou and why they should vote for him in order for that to happen.

Speaking of early voting, if you need to vote early, visit the DC Board of Elections for details on early voting locations and hours. This year’s election is at the same time as DCPS spring break, so make sure to check your calendar and if you’re out of town vote early or request an absentee ballot.

I hope you join me in sending this email to all the DC voters you know to let them know why you support Sekou and encourage them to vote for him on April 3.


Bandele McQueen
Biddle 2012 Campaign Chairman



Dear Friends:

I am writing because I know that we deserve better and can do better than the government our current elected officials have created. It seems like every day there is a new headline and story about the latest ethical failures of our DC Councilmembers. It is time for us to start electing honest leaders who are serious about ethics reform and serving the residents of the District of Columbia. This is why I am asking you to join me in voting for Sekou Biddle for Councilmember At-Large in the upcoming Democratic primary on April 3.

I am supporting Sekou because I know he will provide the leadership on the DC Council that we need. I know Sekou will make rebuilding the public trust a priority through real ethics and campaign finance reform. Sekou is also committed to bringing the focus back onto the pressing issues that affect our lives every day such as education, public safety, jobs and affordable housing.

A lifelong education advocate, Sekou grew up in Columbia Heights and graduated from DC Public Schools. After teaching in classrooms in New York and Atlanta he came back home because he wanted to ensure that all students in DC have the same opportunities he did when he graduated from Wilson Senior High School.

Unlike his opponents Sekou isn’t a career politician. With over 18 years of public education experience, including eight years in the classroom, Sekou has clearly demonstrated his commitment to improving the lives of District students and their families.

Sekou is committed to representing all residents, regardless of our ward or neighborhood, as an at-large member should. He has experience working across the District, both as the Director of Community Outreach for the KIPP DC Public Charter Schools and as a member of the State Board of Education. I know his dedication to public service will benefit all of us as an At-Large Councilmember.

There are many more reasons why Sekou should be our next At-Large Councilmember than I can fit in just one email. I encourage you to look at his campaign website www.sekoubiddle.org for more information about Sekou, his priorities and his plans for ethics, education, jobs, public safety, affordable housing and more. I am happy to answer any additional questions for me about why I believe he should be the next councilmember. He has been endorsed by the DC Chapter of the National Organization for Women and received the highest rating from the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC in the at-large council race.

I hope you join me on April 3, 2012 to demand we do better than our current elected officials by voting for Sekou Biddle for Councilmember At-Large.


Bandele McQueen