Washington, DC – Today, Democratic DC Council At-Large candidate Sekou Biddle was endorsed by Patrick Mara a well known District Republican and a education advocate. Mara is the second opponent of Biddle’s from the 2011 At-Large special election to endorse him. Bryan Weaver announced his support for Biddle in January.

“I am honored to have Patrick Mara’s support. It is clear, as a former campaign opponent and a Republican, that Patrick knows that we all need to come together as residents and voters if we are going to clean up our Council and elect honest leaders.”

Mara endorsed Biddle saying, “Voters who seek change have but one choice in this election, Sekou Biddle. Ridding the D.C. Council of corruption and shady dealings by its members should be the number one thing on the minds of all voters on Election Day. The quest for an honest government transcends party lines. That is why I am endorsing Sekou Biddle.”

Mara continued, “Recent news reports connecting Orange’s campaigns to a money bundler under Federal investigation should give everyone pause. District tax-payers should not be footing the bill for another special election. A vote for Orange is a risky proposition.”

Mara joins The Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Current Newspapers, The Sierra Club, the DC Chapter of the National Organization for Women and DC Urban Moms and Dads in endorsing Sekou. Sekou has also received the highest rating in the at-large race by the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance. For more information on Biddle and his campaign to clean up the DC Council and become the next Councilmember At-Large visit www.sekoubiddle.org